Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bracket - Like You Know (unreleased LP, 1996)

Presumably extinct at this point, Bracket were a San Fransisco (or thereabouts) four-piece that worshiped at the alter of 39/Smooth-era Green Day and the much hipper Big Drill Car (more on them later). Bracket's riff-happy pop-punk was buttressed with a sly, cynical sense of humor. A good dosage of raw talent helps, and these guys delivered in spades. Already two hot LPs into their career, (924 Forrestville St. and an even more smashing sophomore set, 4-Wheel Vibe), the band completed their third album, Like You Know, for Caroline Records. Even though a catalog number was assigned and promos were sent to stores and radio, they were dropped, and the disk never made it's way to the public. Copies of this promo went for as much as $100.00 on Ebay, and admittedly, I paid a price close to that for mine.

Five of the cuts here would eventually be issued as part of a Bracket singles collection on Fat Records, and the other seven cuts made their way onto a split cd with another band that shall remain unnamed, because I forgot their name. Copies of that one were just as scarce.

Like You Know lacks some of the bite and spunk of it's predecessors, but is a worthwhile listen, for established fans and soon-to-be fans.

01. Hermit
02. Serena Hides
03. Eating Pie
04. My Very Own Apple Tree
05. Flea Market
06. Whatever Piper
07. Shoe Gazer
08. Betterman
09. Warren's Song Part 6
10. Shadow Puppets
11. Envy
12. Speedbump

Soon to be officially reissued.  Details to follow.


Jason Kucsma said...
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Unknown said...

amazing blast from the past! thanks! i used to love these guys when they were on Fat Wreck Chords, but lost everything i had by them when i sold my record collection. keep up the great work!

Thomas Hogan said...

Bracket is still around, I guess, though not very active. They actually released a record last year (?) called "Requiem" which has its moments. The split CD you referred to as having many of the songs on "Like You Know" was with a band called Humble Beginnings on Too Hep Records. I do have it somewhere. Thanks for the awesome post!

IOTH said...

Holy crap! This is awesome. Thank you for providing me with The Missing Link to my Bracket collection. You are so awesome! :D

Empire Hancock said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I stumbled upon this post while wondering if I could find a copy of the split with Humble Beginnings anywhere on the web. I'd still like to own it, but having the songs here will do very nicely!

Scott Wy said...


Bruno J. said...

You can find it here for 10 bucks, and it will help Bracket to release another LP! Let's help the guys!