Saturday, October 23, 2021

Streetcar Named Desire - Life Begins ep (1983, Desperate)

Yet another in a long line of good bands that time and the internet seemingly relegated waaaaay to the back burner. As you might guess a search on this band's moniker brings up a deluge of irrelevant matches, but I can pretty safely say Streetcar Named Desire hailed from Toronto, ON. Emanating a placid mix of keys and guitars, with some tasteful saxophone fills this five-piece played a contemplative card without wandering into anything overtly melancholic. More wave than post-punk, they gracefully managed to avoid the more exploitative sonic trappings of their era (didn't hurt that they produced and likely released this on their own label).  Life Begins won't be making it into my desert island stack, but it's both a pleasant and rewarding listen with "A Month of Sundays," "Yesteryear" and the comparatively bustling and elaborate "World War Son" making the most significant impressions.

01. A Month of Sundays
02. Someday Your Ship Will Come (Dance Mix)
03. Illustrated Man
04. Life Begins
05. Yesteryear
06. World War Son

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Cory said...

Love it, thank you!