Saturday, October 16, 2021

Drive - Grease Girls mLP (1991, First Strike)

I thought this would be apropos follow-up to last night's Sugarblast post.  Drive. A short-lived trio of Liverpudlians who not merely held their own with UK contemporaries Mega City Four and Wonderstuff, but were seemingly groomed on the finest of American indie-rock (Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr., Moving Targets, etc).  I shared a covers single by them several years ago when this site was in it's infancy, and today I've got an LP (or damn close to one anyway) for you comprised of two eps, Greasegun and No Girls.  All around solid, deftly honed tunes fleshed out with a veritable bouquet of incisive power chords, squalling solos and poignantly tuneful arrangements. Despite their influences Drive weren't blatantly plagiaristic of anyone, rather they were in the throes of enormously good company.  A more thorough Discography collection by Drive is available if you wish to delve deeper. 

01. Drive
02. Greasegun
03. Light Reads Heat
04. Drive Out
05. No Girls
06. Peephole
07. Vegan in Furs
08. Process White


SonofTransitFord said...

Highly recommended folk!!!!!

Nice share friend. Saw these several times, they were great live too. Did a Peel Session - but that's not seen the light of day as far as I can tell. Best wishes.

J in Liverpool

spavid said...

It looks like the Peel Sessions came out on a CD-R on a Japanese label in 2007. Not sure if it's still available.

Failsafe said...

undertones of noise buffalo tom too,

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