Saturday, February 13, 2021

Vauxhall Seraux ep (1987, Uncarved Block)

Vauxhall Seraux were a New Jersey trio that are/were seemingly impervious to search engines, though the music on this EP isn't quite as clandestine - in nature anyway.  V/S's somewhat ubiquitous stripe of snyth pop could have straddled the Top-40/college divide effortlessly, though I can't vouch for them receiving a considerable amount of airplay in either arena.  Benefiting from two capable vocalists in Michael Miller and Chip Daggett, they commandeered their compact troupe through catchy, albeit none-too-innovative titles like "Come Away" and "Too Young," yielding similar results akin to higher profile contemporaries OMD, Hipsway, and the like. Despite some patently obvious 80s-isms I enjoyed this one.

01. M.D.Y.M.
02. Goodbye Yesterday
03. Come Away
04. Too Young
05. When I Touch
06. untitled outro


D said...

Love obscure 80's, so much we haven't heard...thanks!

EricC said...

Wow, I went looking, and all searches pointed back here. That's really unusual.

Cool EP, not an original idea on it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Especially fun since I have been working with my old synths lately, so I'm looking for stuff like this.

tom said...

Vauxhall is a place in NJ - perhaps they lived there