Sunday, February 7, 2021

Accolades arrive too late, the firing squad can hardly wait.

Ok, I've got something a little different for you this week. How about an entirely, 100% unreleased album, and an ep by the same band that never made it to the marketplace either?  Admittedly, these guys were a fairly unknown quantity when they actually had proper releases to their credit, but this stuff is too good for me to sit on forever.  This quartet's music was very much in tandem with the brutal throes of winter, and was as icy and foreboding as the frozen Michigan hinterlands they once inhabited. Consider yourself warned...or delighted. 

**Please do not reveal artist in comments!**



D said...

Love these mystery offers.
I had never heard of this band. Amazing stuff.

Gill said...

Seeing as I'm in Detroit, and it's 9 damn degrees F. this morning, I have to take a spin on this one. Be Well.

Sturgeonhusky said...

9F? Ha! It's -52F with the windchill in Winnipeg today!

Failsafe said...

Nice shoegazer touches in the guitar chords and tone, and nods to the angular scene.
Would love to see your write up of them, who they were and what happened to them.
THey seem o hink of themselves as a metal band but sound closer to seattle scene with shoegaze overtones.

spavid said...

Thanks for your insight and appreciation folks, Just for your info Failsafe, this band's previous (and actually made available to the public) LP was a wily amalgam of grunge and nu metal, beating Korn to the punch by a good couple of years.