Saturday, February 6, 2021

Choir Invisible - Sea to Shining Sea ep (1984, PVC)

Borrowing their moniker from a fairly renown George Eliot poem and once containing drummer Danny Benair (a future Three O'Clock alum) in their roll call, the Choir Invisible were bona fide new wave hopefuls by the time this EP rolled around.  To the band's credit they were excellent, even pristine at times at their chosen craft, if not necessarily innovators.  With a template than ran the gamut from early Wire Train to Spandau Ballet, C/I's tunes revealed subtle melancholic hues that I presume might have set them apart from the flood of like-minded hopefuls circa Sea's... entry into the record racks.  Best of all there's nary a dissatisfactory moment among these half-dozen cuts...just so long as you have an affinity for new wave and/or the more benign vestiges of post-punk. Choir Invisible had their antecedents in L.A. punks The Flyboys. As you might be able to determine from the album jacket this record encountered some excessive moisture before I took possession of it.

01. Grey at Present
02. Questions Never Spoken
03. With Dreams
04. I Walked Away
05. Shared By a Voice
06. Devoted to a Memory


D said...

Fell in love with them. Searched and found their other album.
Thanks for introducing them.

mercvrial said...

I'd never heard of these guys. Cool overall sound but maybe missing the big hooks. But a nice find.

Randy Bodor said...

ah, would love the 1981 record up if you come across it <3