Thursday, February 4, 2021

Indoor Games - All of Your Lies 7" (1983, Holyrood)

We have another cold case on our hands, this one potentially hailing from Ireland, but not verifiable.  Led by a somewhat androgynous sounding vocalist in one Foss Paterson, Indoor Games can't quite keep their identity straight between their two cuts adorning this 45.  "All of Your Lives" emanates the mildly appealing ambience of a lower charting Top 40 one-hit-wonder, not coincidentally fitting quite appropriately with the sonic cliches of it's 1983 copyright date.  This one almost sounds like it could have landed somewhere on Yes' 90215, albeit "...Lives" is more danceable, and thankfully not obnoxious. The flip, "Take the Party Down" exhibits significantly different sounding vocals (though both tunes are credited to Paterson as the mic fiend) and plays out on a chillier and more serious tip.  Oodles of fretless bass populates it's four synth-laden minutes.

A. All of Your Lies
B. Take the Party Down

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