Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Books - Expertise (1980, Logo)

Conducting a search for any relevant data on The Books proved a fruitless effort given that their moniker and album title are so ubiquitous by themselves (and just as much so paired together) that it wasn't long before I relented.  I don't own a physical copy (yet) so I can't even provide any biographical data a cursory set of album credits might have offered, including where they hailed from, but the UK or elsewhere in Europe is a virtually assured bet given the accents I'm picking up on.  Not quite as dark or noir as Expertise's album jacket might suggest, The Books were heavily reliant on keyboards, and deviate between an array of styles, hopscotching from the cheeky title cut and the even more high strung "Dusters," arguably running parallel to Devo, to the more conventional 'wave' inclinations of "Osterreich" and "Metaphysic."  As for "Rain" ballads don't necessarily suit them, albeit there are no outright missteps on this platter.  Recommended, and if you're really impressed Discogs enlightens us that three singles accompanied the surrounding era of Expertise.  

01. Spillage
02. Metaphysic
03. Hirohito
04. Osterreich
05. Rain
06. Expertise
07. Ballroom Debut
08. Dusters
09. I'll Be Your Friend


ropie said...

Great stuff, they remind me a bit of Magazine too. Here's the wikipedia page on the singer, Stephen Betts:

SilentWay said...

Is there some reason you have taken our blogs off your "Blogs We Follow" list?
Maybe I'm hallucinating and you never had us listed.
The reason I ask is I have a post that is now directed to your site and didn't see ours listed
We still have you on ours here:

If you would be so kind to add us that would be great!

bristolboy said...

They were a London based band

Here's their 3 45's & a bit of info (taken from Vernon Johnson's "A Sharp shock to the system")

spavid said...

SilentWay: I didn't list your sites to begin with, so don't worry. Not dissing you in the least.

Thanks ropie and bristol boy for The Books info and files! Very kind of you.

Tolnex said...

Hey spavid! Do you have a place to request re-ups? Would love to hear that Tall Tales & True stuff!

AJ said...

L. Howard Hughes / Steve Betts homepage

and thanks for the singles bristolboy

spavid said...

Thanks AJ!

crustoner said...

I miss this album so much. Wish there was a way to hear it again. Obviously the zippy link doesn't work sadly

chainchainchain said...

Thanks for the love. Here's the album plus deets. SFXB