Friday, August 28, 2020

The Holidays - Restless Heart (1989, Broken)

The Holidays put a wrap on their gift, as it were, long before the internet could say stuff about 'em, so background details on this trio are considerably scant.  A fan club address of Fontana, CA points to where the band hailed from, but let's just say that's unconfirmed.  Hanging out on the more accessible (i.e. pedestrian) side of the alt-rock fence these fellas give us eleven fairly commendable tunes infused with a healthy dose of melody and a sweet, albeit muscular guitar aptitude.  Sonic sign posts point to contemporaries Drivin' 'n Cryin', Crossfire Choir, and the Rhythm Corps.  Not quite power pop, but had they tweaked their m.o. a tad they could have opted for that path without much of an imposition on their part. There are occasionally vague spiritual connotations amidst Restless Heart, but you'd really have to read deep into lyrics to identify them.  Not a masterpiece, but in the band's favor, they're frequently well-above average.  A cassette album, Everything is Now preceded this disk.

01. Tear the Curtain
02. Two Times Two
03. Round and Round
04. Touch Me
05. Should I Tell You
06. Sunshine
07. Promises
08. It's a Fight
09. Color Me While
10. My Love
11. The Lines of Time

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