Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dick Tracey - Movin' to the Beat ep (1983, DT)

There's something for everyone here - that is, everyone that has even a modicum of appreciation for power pop and wave.  Dick Tracey were coed kids from Philly who hung around in the mid eighties for a couple of singles and an LP, Talkin' Bout the Future, but Movin' to the Beat is the only one I can vouch any real familiarity with.  The lead-off title piece is quite the corker, brandishing enough guitar crunch to propel half a dozen like-minded cuts, if that's the direction they intended to take things.  D/T were more diverse than that however, pitching us the noticeably sweeter keyboard-enhanced "A Modern Experience."  Not to be mistaken for a ballad, "When the Lites Go Out" manages to shift the proceedings into a more benign modus operandi, with washes of pleasant ringing chords.  Sadly, I'm not in possession of this record, and in fact I purloined files thereof several years ago from the now defunct Vinyl Obscurity Blog - which to this day I'm thankful for it's brief but revealing existence.

01. Movin' to the Beat
02. A Modern Experience
03. When the Lites Go Out

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