Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nowherefast - s/t (1982)

Had a request for this one.  Traditionally I'm not exactly agog over straight-up AOR rock from the '80s, or just about any decade.  Then again, I've been known to contradict myself once in a blue moon, as was the case with last year's share of the surprisingly appealing Stealer.  As for Nowherefast (that's right, all one word), I've give them credit for not pulling any outright embarrassing maneuvers.  Granted, I can easily envision these guys on a bill with Loverboy or solo Sammy Hagar back in the day, but they don't strike me as the types that were sliding on their knees in spandex or gratuitously sticking their tongues out.  "Feeling Better" and "Nowhere to Run" boast comparatively strong hooks, but otherwise this is par for the radio rock course.  Love the album cover though.  A hearty thanks to whomever went to the trouble of ripping this.

01. First Time
02. Sometimes I Wonder
03. Feeling Better
04. Strange Reason
05. Nowhere to Run
06. View Through a Tear
07. As I Am
08. No One With Nothing
09. Feeling Like Loving You


Theabs06 said...

I have a 4-song EP by them on clear vinyl.

Blood Machines said...

Thanks. I've enjoyed this on some jogs.