Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Crystal Set - From Now On (1987, Red Eye)

I suppose I'll always associate this long defunct Aussie combo with their bassist and main mouthpiece, Russell Kilbey, the younger brother of you guessed it, the Church's Steve Kilbey.  At any rate, The Crystal Set were of modern rock stock to be certain, they just didn't happen to have much in common with the Church, not the least of which the mystique.  In fact, From Now On commences with a pair of rootsy selections that put the Set more in league with home-country brethren Died Pretty.  But not much along, things catch fire on the brisk and tuneful "Benefit of the Doubt," and the pensive "The Flat Earth."  From Now On bids us goodnight with two sobering comedowns, namely the appealing enough title piece, and the downer "Sea of Misconception" which begs to be whittled down into something more concise.   As a band, the Crystal Set were indisputably well above par, I'm just not in love with everything that made it onto this disc.  Another album, Almost Pure, followed, as did a spate of singles and eps.

01. Wholly Holy
02. The Catwalk
03. All Directions
04. Hypatia
05. Benefit of the Doubt
06. Walk Away
07. The Flat Earth
08. Sea of Misconception
09. From Now On


Jim H. said...

GREAT stuff! as a big Church fan in the 80s, and reading fanzines like Bucketful of Brains, i came across the Crystal Set....."Benefit Of The Doubt" is a tremendous song, and while every thing they did is not QUITE as awesome, this is a pretty great LP!!!! I am STILL looking for an mp3 or anything digital of 'She Counts Up The Days" from their first 45 if anyone has one!!!!!THANKS!!!!

David Moor later was the keyboardist/songwriter for Cousteau........

mercvrial said...

I liked this record too, especially "Benefit of the Doubt" which was a great pop tune. I also came across the Crystal Set via Bucketful of Brains. BoB always had these great flexi-discs. Sadly missed. Coincidentally, my name is David Moore... with the "e".

Unknown said...