Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bunji Jumpers - A Two Z ep (1986, Banana)

Well, it looks like another blog (I'll let you figure out which one) got the "jump" on this one before yours truly, but I had such a pristine copy of this record I thought I'd go to the trouble of offering my rip.  Perhaps it was the alternate spelling of their name or this co-ed duo's post-modern poise that set me up with the impression that the Bunji Jumpers were artsy, brooding types with an oblique axe to grind, but...not so much.  The brunt of A Two Z is actually not heavy-handed darkwave or even ostentatious new romantic.  "Be Brave" and "These Days" function just fine as forward-thinking pop highlighted by Eva Dilcue's graceful yet impassioned croon.  "Comrade" is more angular, punctuated with brass that I don't mesh with so well, whereas the concluding "Bigblackboots" points squarely to the Bunji's peacenik ideals, something I can certainly get behind.  This is a damn neat record.

Bunji Jumpers had their antecedents in a Cleveland outfit called The Generators, who bore something of a power pop aptitude.

01. be brave
02. these days
03. comrade
04. bigblackboots

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Indiggy said...

A perfect example of why I love this site. Have never heard of Bunji Jumpers, am intrigued by your review, download the record, listen, and now have something new to listen that I dig a lot. Thanks.