Saturday, October 27, 2018

Aztec Camera - De Villes, Manchester, UK 8/14/81

Got a very early Aztec Camera piece for you tonight.  So early in fact that AC front-man Roddy Frame was a mere fifteen years old when this set was performed.  As such, the man in question had not hit his proverbial prime (but would do so a couple years hence at a still fairly precocious age on the marvelous High Land, Hard Rain) but what makes this recording so unique is how spartan and minimal it all sounds.  Chalk this up in part to how prominent the vocals and guitars are in the mix, virtually drowning out any semblance of bass   Also note the percussion - audible, but not the least bit dominant and hardly on an even keel with Roddy's performance.  Sonic characteristics of this particular gig aside, AC were well on their way to establishing a signature sound - cozy and strummy, with a yearning romantic penchant that would echo for decades to come.  And, best of all, this nine-song set features a number of non-album tracks that would never make it past the home demo stage.  You can hear the whole thing in either FLAC or MP3 below.  Check out some rarities from the same era and beyond over yonder.

01 - Just Like Gold
02 - Green Jacket Grey
03 - Up In The Sky
04 - Pillar To Post
05 - Mattress Of Wire
06 - In Another Room
07 - The Spirit Shows
08 - Remember The Docks
09 - We Could Send Letters

MP3  or  FLAC


Dr_Mick said...

Very interesting!!
Any chance you could update the link on the "Aztec Camera - Digging Through Those Dustbins" post as well??

Beyes said...

Wow, is it Hannukah already? Thanks!

spavid said...

Glad you like. Will try to re-up Dustbins soon!

Dr_Mick said...

Like indeed :) Looking forward to the other one as well!!

Panic on 13th said...

There are pitch corrected versions of the songs on "Dustbins" available on Soundcloud, look up user Kay's Camera. All of the postcard era demos are there.

Unknown said...

Please Re-up. Thank you

PaulA said...

I would like to know if you could re-up this show, please?

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