Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Harvey Street - What About George? ep (1995, Spinning)

Yet another cold case, this one ostensibly originating from Massachusetts.  Harvey Street were a rough hewn riff-savvy quartet whose m.o. wasn't particularly innovative, yet they possessed an amateurish bent and an all-important quotient of potential.  If combos like the Figgs and Big Drill Car do the trick for you, H/S have that sorta angle going for them, but those vague likenesses are likely more coincidental than not.  Per Discogs, What About George? was their only wax. Unfortunate that, because subsequent and perhaps more developed albums might have been exponentially better than this already fine start.

01. Screwed
02. Tables Gonna Turn
03. Things Have Changed
04. Things Have Changed (version)


Boston Music Fan said...

Very cool stuff. I wonder if I heard this back on WFNX in '95. Very enjoyable. THANKS! Any chance of re-upping some of the other Boston stuff like Fuzzy and Hotel Massachusetts?

Koyott said...

reup please

Georgie Elf said...

Any way to upload Harvey Street?