Saturday, May 19, 2018

Antenna - Sleep ep (1992) & For Now ep (1993)

Antenna *sigh*.  Essentially the Blake Babies sans their most effective ingredient, ex-frontwoman Juliana Hatfield.  John Strohm and Freda (Boner) Love just weren't enough of a selling point.  Antenna lasted for two albums (Sway and Hideout), and a pair of eps, the latter of which you're getting here.  In an era of aggro, flanneled machismo and sheik/brash Brit exports, Antenna, with their relatively linear guitar pop m.o. hardly stood a chance.  Along the same lines as contemporaries Best Kissers in the World, the band placed integrity on the front burner - and sorta got burned themselves.  Antenna's tunes deserved a better fate, and to your good fortune you can hear eight of them here (actually, more like seven since "Wall Paper" appears on both eps in slightly altered incarnations...but who's counting.  The Sleep ep concludes with a fairly straightforward reading of Wire's "Outdoor Miner."  Enjoy (or not).

Sleep ep
01. Sleep
02. All I Need
03. Wall Paper
04. Outdoor Miner

For Now ep
01. For Now
02. Wall Paper
03. Swoon
04. Given Way


Dingo said...

As a huge Blake Babies fan, I of course love Antenna. So many great hooks in these songs! Thanks for posting these EPs. Do you by any chance have the full lengths Sway and Hideout?

acresofbears said...

Thanks so much for these. I've been searching for these 2 for more than 20 years when they were stolen in a break-in. I'd just about given up hope...

spavid said...

Glad I could help acres, though I think physical copies are available for cheap on Amazon.

I know I have Sway, possibly the other. Will see if I can get them up at some point in the future.

lucky said...

If I may, I already had these ripped



ispacehead said...

I enjoyed these records. The song 23 was my theme song at that age. :D

WhatTS said...

Thanks spavid, Lucky!

Dingo said...

Thank you lucky! :)

Unknown said...

thank you soo much!! from Japan
finally I could get out from youtube audio only vids.

robgronotte said...

Could use a repost. Thanks!