Thursday, May 10, 2018

Too Much Education - s/t (1988)

This synth-enhanced DIY effort would rank as pretty miscellaneous if it weren't for Abe Glazer's spoke/sung tact and dry sardonic wit.  Too Much Education's puts his premise front and center, one that is sure to illicit cheers or jeers...and not a whole lot in between.  Side one concludes with the winsome, "Nuclear Days," featuring guest vocalist, Laurie Stapinski.  This relatively satisfactory number makes me wish she had been on the mic for the entirety of the record, but Education's flip side fares better than the first, with Glazer embracing sweeter guitar tones on "You're Not Too Old" and the genteel post-punk finale "Knobs."  If you dig stuff along the lines of Agitpop, TME just might be your bag.

01. Not Ready
02. Don't Fall in Love
03. Honesty
04. Nuclear Days
05. You're Not Too Old
06. Bungee Girl
07. Modem Head
08. Knobs


Pernt said...

Oh wow, I'm excited to listen to this. You included a song by them - "Modern Head" - in your "Letter 'T' Folder Mix" a while back, and I was pleasantly intrigued. Looking forward to hearing the entire album.


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the music you are posting!

Can you please reupload the Grand Champeen albums?

spavid said...

I'll try to get the Grand Champeen stuff up again soon. I totally forgot that i put TME in that folder mix Pernt. Thanks.

Joanna Bryson said...

Everyone said that about Laurie's track. You seem to be the only person that's got this album on line...(I helped fund it but forgot the cover art was so lame :-)

BTW Gunkel sang "Modem Head" and "Fall In Love", Glazer sang "We're not ready" I don't remember many of the other songs.