Sunday, November 5, 2017

Where did I put this month's rent?

From 1998, but technically a year prior.  Divine crunch-pop with a slight Weezer underbite.



Adam said...

Soooooooo good! Rivers managed Kevin's later project AM Radio... which honestly I felt never had the heart that this group had. This is pure So. Cal (Santa Barbara) power pop at its finest. :) He ventured into worship music for a hot minute and I believe now these guys are playing shows from time-to-time. What is a true crime is that the amazing album from the post-RH group and pre-AM group Peel was never released. I had some random MP3s from my Napster days stored somewhere... I believe the label went out of business before the release, not certain on that one though.

spavid said...

Totally agree with you on AM Radio. Not nearly as memorable as RH. I have files of the Peel album and prefer that much more to AM. I think you can buy it through iTunes and Amazon downloads.