Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Crossfire Choir - Back to the Wall (1988, Track Record)

By popular demand here's the follow-up album to the first Crossfire Choir LP that I shared with you late last week.  The Ed Stasium-produced Back to the Wall eschews a lot of the gratuitous '80s gloss of the Choir's debut, and by and large opts for a more organic penchant.  The results aren't always consistent, but Wall finds the boys with their fingers on the pulse of something approaching power pop on "Do What You Want" and "Even Now."  "Bombs" and "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" exhibit some discernible and much appreciated vigor, while the concluding "Shrink Rap" is a goofball, hip-hop pisstake that buttons up the record in less than dignified fashion - but not enough to dissuade you from exploring the preceding eleven songs. 

01. Catalyst
02. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
03. Back to the Wall
04. Driven Man
05. Bombs
06. Neverland
07. Canary Song
08. Even Now
09. I Don't Feel Like Dancing
10. I Don't Think So
11. Do What You Want
12. Shrink Rap


Dea Noa said...


Scaggsaway said...

So why couldn't be them on MTV? Surely we must know by now.

Mark B. said...

Thanks again! My favorite CC album, not heard in many years... I even enjoy "Shrink Rap," silly as it is, although they had no idea what the future held for hip-hop -- "Keep on selling that crap," indeed

sharkdog99 said...

Loved this album back in the day but somehow misplaced my copy like 20 years ago. Was thinking of it again just now and gave Google a shot just in case and got so excited upon stumbling over this blog post. Alas, the link to Zippyshare is dead. No CC Back to the Wall album. Any chance it could be uploaded to another storage site?? Please please :-)