Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Sneetches - Lights Out! With the Sneetches (1988/91, Kaleidoscope /Creation)

Last week when I talked up the new Sneetches anthology, Form of Play, I praised it for presenting a cross section of their entire career.  Well, almost anyway.  It didn't hit me at the time, but that compilation largely overlooked (if not flat out ignored) the band's first proper album, Lights Out! With...  As if it wasn't already obvious, here's that entire platter in question.  The only song that crosses over with Form of Play, is the lilting "Only For a Moment," appearing on Lights Out! in a slightly different incarnation.  How any Sneetches career spanning disk could omit a sublime ballad like "54 Hours" or the Brit Invasion marinated "I Need Someone" is...a mystery.  Any Sneetches record is an embarrassment of riches, and this one's no exception.

01. I Need Someone
02. In My Car
03. Loreli
04. 54 HOurs
05. I Don't Expect Her for You (Look at That Girl)
06. Home Again
07. No One Knows
08. Only for a Moment


Airoe said...

Hello (from France...)

The 8 songs of "Lights Out with the Sneetches !" are on the wonderful compilation "The Sneetches 1985-1991" with 10 others !

But thanks to put the light on The Sneetches whose CDs are very hard to find, isn'it ?


essay best said...

I have listened through this record and it is simply superb. from lyrics to composition, I liked every bit of it. As you have said it is embarrasement for riches and it really is.

luis said...

thanks for sharing this good album
i've recently discover this band and i like them a lot

jes said...

thanks for this album. :)

Kurt72cobain said...

Can you please reup sneetches discography? Thanks