Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Casual T's - Longer Than Seemed Real (1987)

The crumbs from the bountiful indie rock cookies baked in '80s locales like Athens, GA, and the Twin Cities scattered in virtually all conceivable directions, both in the States and abroad.  Thankfully, Tallahassee, FL wasn't spared from this deluge, and the Casual T's proved to be capable ambassadors from the Sunshine state panhandle.  Evidently, Longer Than Seemed Real was the brunt of this quartet's slim discography, and sure enough they make it count on ringing and nervy salvos like "Rose Colored World," and "Walls Don't Talk Back," the latter emanating a bite not too far removed from Husker Du.  The Casual T's operate just as agilely when toning it down on a notch on "Intensive Care" and "Back to Normal."  Per a bio that accompanied my copy of the album, these folks at one point in their tenure opened for the likes of the Replacements and Alex Chilton.  Just sayin.  After the jump, check out a YouTube clip of ' "Adelay," a track culled from an earlier single that I can't get enough of, even if it's merely an instrumental.

01. Rose Colored World
02. Back From Normal
03. Made to Order
04. Intensive Care
05. Walls Don't Talk Back
06. Welcome to Poland
07. At the Ridge
08. Heracaine


Papa Jon said...

Great stuff here. Been enjoying the Rain Parade and Tommy Keene a lot. Any chance of a Germs GI rough mix re-up

mki said...

great songs! thanks