Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Pony - Thorns and Cutlery (1987, Cleopatra)

Here's a buncha haircut dudes from Australia with a thing for heartland, Americana-ish rock, sporting their fair share of Rickenbacker guitars to boot.  I suppose The Pony aren't far off from say, their Oz brethren Died Pretty, but this quartet gratifies considerably faster.  I dig the janglier tunes the most - "Broken Kites," "Ambition's Day Off," and "A Calling," all of which are satisfying enough to offset some of their tranquilizing ballad forays.  The overall effect is reminiscent of Athens, GA's Dreams So Real, not that the Pony were likely to catch wind of them at the time.  Before diving into this, be prepared for some surface noise.  Also, there is a slight skip around the six second mark of the opener "I Lied" that I was unable to rectify.  Perhaps more from these guys to come.

01. I Lied
02. Ambition's Day Off
03. A Calling
04. Blindman
05. The Answer
06. In the Background
07. Still Blue
08. Broken Kites
09. The Young Boys
10. Close-up
11. Hey Daddy
12. Reminds Me of Me


coolruler said...

Thank you so much for this album! I always liked it much and been looking a long time for it!is there more from this group? Thought this was their only recording! coolruler

binkerbo said...

Memoirs of Daydreams 1989 in FLAC

spavid said...

I've got a few Pony singles that I plan to put up.

Tham93 said...

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Philippe Thivillier said...

Huge thanks for both albums, more particularly 'Memoirs of Daydreams'.
Great band from Australia.
Your blog is absolutely peerless.

coolruler said...

Thanks a lot for memoirs of daydreams too! mmmm sounds interesting about the singles!

spavid said...

Thanks binkerbo! I just got to check out your download now. Much appreciated.

Jim H. said...

WOW! A great jangly LP i think i've owned since i found it here in Boston when it came out! THANKS! I have most of their non-lp singles, wish they were available as well!!!!!

Lewis Clark said...

Wow, the album looks amazing. This one is my favorite personally. I like the band from Australia. They are doing marvelous work. Wonderful blog!

WiccanWitch said...

I am Dean Baroni’s Fiancé and I want to say thank you for your review 😃 he still sounds amazing 💜

Nervux said...