Saturday, May 6, 2017

Chris Stamey - Instant Excitement ep (1984, Coyote)

To our credit, we got to this one before The dB's Repercussions blog did!  Yes, I'll be patting myself on this one for some time to come, but per usual, I digress.  I had no idea this was out there until I stumbled upon this copy a few years ago.  Right out of the starting gate, "Excitement" announces itself as one of the finest things Decibel Chris Stamey has offered outside of his renown band (dBs, duh) rocking out in a forward thinking, Let's Active and Game Theory vein, furthermore sounding every bit like the Don Dixon production that it is.  Easily the highlight on Instant Excitement, you'll still want to stay seated for the remainder, including a straight up but effective reading of "Instant Karma," and the lengthy but alluring acousti-ballad, "Something Came Over Me."  The meandering instrumental "Ghost Story" strikes me as album filler, but evidently not to Stamey, who went to the trouble of subtitling it nearly ten times (way too much for me to type out - go here to view).  The end of side two yields an unlisted track, a country tune, "The Wild Side of Life," that was apparently written/recorded by Willie Nelson (per a lyric search).  Moreover, the tune is definitely not sung by Stamey nor credited to anyone.  Anybody have a clue?

01. Excitement
02. Instant Karma
03. When We're Alone
04. Ghost Story
05. Something Came Over Me
06. The Wild Side of Life


lucky said...

I believe your mystery vocalist is Ted Lyons, who was the drummer for Stamey on many of these early 80's recordings.

This is strictly a guess though

spavid said...

Thanks lucky. An educated guess. I'll take it.

Jim H. said...

great stuff, thanks! I own so much that you post, but just can't find or digitize it as well as you do!!!!

Unknown said...

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Larry Holt said...

holy crap this version of Something Came Over Me...I only knew the Fireworks version.

evr said...

Couple things. It is Ted Lyons singing on the last tune. I think Hank Thompson did it first and while Willie performed it he didn't write it.

All but the last song are on the It's A Wonderful Life CD put out by East Side Digital in 1992

My favorite version of Something Came Over Me is on the original Christmas Time mini album (and never made it to the various CD reissues of it)

I still need this on vinyl!