Thursday, October 13, 2016

Living Dolls - tape (1984)

I was so impressed with Living Doll's Emotional Parade ep that I jumped at the chance to obtain an original copy of their 1984 demo.  Upon posting ...Parade four years ago, I remarked that this Seattle trio skirted on the fringes of new wave but deftly wielded a more organic approach.  This six-song precursor to that record (produced by Terry Date no less) illustrates that the Dolls had their act together from the get go, melding jangly arpeggios to appropriately melodic songcraft in the realm of Rhythm Corps, Split Enz, and so forth.  Highlights entail "Cost of Confusion" (later to be re-cut for Emotional Parade) and the bustling "Making Statements."

01. Cost of Confusion
02. Rampage in Overtown
03. Point of View
04. Sympathy
05. Making Statements
06. Kiss of Compensation


Unknown said...

HI everybody

just wondering if somebody has the time and feels like it to check these songs i have from the radio in the mid 90's, maybe they might know some of the songs? size is 32MB

kind regards

spavid said...

Will try to check it out soon. I don't usually have much luck with these to be honest, but we'll see.

lucky said...


the last one (36) is "Cheap Cuts" by Jenny Toomey's band Liqouice

angel said...

hi lucky, thank you very much! i didnt know the band thoughh i see now they had their share of 'popularity' in the indie scene. i like the song, not sure if I'll like the rest. I'll try it.


angel said...

btw, this is lolo with a different google account!

spavid said...

Here's what I came up with.

Tracks 25, 32, 33, 14, 17 - Unidentifiable
Track 6 - Liquorice (per above)
Track 26 - Muff's "Another Day"
Track 28 - Brainpool “Im in Love With You”

angel said...

hi spavid

thank you so much for Brainpool!, i see there's even one video on youtube ('Every day' is the title)
regarding the Muffs, yes, track 26 i always thought it was the Muffs (because of the vocals) but couldnt find the song in any of their albums, dont know even the title. I'm afraid that is not 'Another day' as you suggest,so it remains unknown.
the rest i think there are some european bands that will be hard to find of them (track 33), might be the Lost Lyrics (german band), the same band that sings a cover of Devil in Disguise, but not sure.

Kind regards

Creedance Kiddo said...

Repost please. Very curious to hear. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I knew all the guys in this band.