Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dumb Angel - Topflite tape (1993, Generator)

Here's my second post in as any days to reference the Beach Boy's coveted Smile album.  This Minnesota trio took their name from the working title of that very album, but their shtick doesn't quite allude to anything particularly Brian Wilson-esque.  Steeped in 4-track, lo-fi sonics Dumb Angel's tape manipulations, samples and messy homegrown whimsy weren't far removed from say, early Ween or Sebadoh.  Incidentally, two of the Angels (Jon Kimbrough and Joey Waronker) also belonged to Walt Mink, while a neutral party, Tim Gartman was the primary microphone fiend.  Recorded in 1990, portions of Topflite are more structured than others, with the tuneful "Sugarbaby" comprising the only track thoroughly winning me over.  Make of this what you will.  BTW, you can delve into some rare Walt Mink material here.

01. Sugarbaby
02. TV Song
03. Jungle Song
04. Me & My Dog
05. Ditty Dum
06. untitled interlude thingy
07. 19th Century School Girls
08. When Grown-ups Sleep in Sunnymede

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