Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jüke - Don't Hate Us Because We're Beautful 7" (1992, Lookout)

I'm surprised that I didn't get to this one a long time ago.  Guess it didn't help that I practically forgot I owned it altogether.  Not that Berkeley's Jüke were forgettable - completely to the contrary in fact.  Aside from some compilation appearances this was the extent of their discography.  Jüke definitely had that DIY, Cometbus-punk vibe going for them that reminded me plenty of another gaggle from their neck of the woods, Soup, and to a lesser extent Crimpshrine.  This is waaaay more Pinhead Gunpowder than Green Day, and believe me, that's hardly a complaint.  There's a helluva lotta groove fortifying "The Child Bride" and "The Reproduction of Existential Angst," due in no small part to some prominent bass potted up nicely in the mix.  I'm damn fond of this record.  Alongside the ep, I'm tacking on "Retail Therapy" from the Very Small World compilation from 1991.  A total blast.  If perchance someone in the band comes across this post, by all means get in touch.

01. The Child Bride
02. Kids Will Rock
03. The Standard
04. The Reproduction of Existential Angst
plus: Retail Therapy from a Very Small World comp


tikkanese said...

retail therapy is one of the reasons very small world was such a good (double) album. keep up the good work!

spavid said...

I'm in absolute agreement. Thanks.

Unknown said...