Thursday, October 20, 2016

Indoor Life - st (1983, Relativity)

No doubt marketed as "new wave, Indoor Life's exploratory leanings put this trio well to the left of say, Thompson Twins or Howard Jones.  Synth-driven and likely unabashed about it, these chaps eschewed much of their commercial viability and embraced a relatively minimal, not to mention artful approach.  Heck, even Indoor Life’s most approachable and straight-laced forays ("Blue Grey Green" and “Searching”) wouldn’t inch near Top-40 playlists, but throughout this self titled LP there are poignant glints of melody and warmth.  I'm really trying to reach for a realistic comparison here, but the best I can surmise might be Urban Verbs and virtual unknowns Instructions.  Not for nothing, the concluding "Miuzu" is a bit of a rehash of the opener, "The One I See."

01. The One I See
02. Blye Grey Green
03. Dream Vendor
04. All to Myself
05. Searching
06. Ha Bi Bi
07. Miuzu


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"Indoor Life - st (1983, Relativity)"

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