Thursday, September 29, 2016

Maryland Cookies - Flesh, Trash & Heat (1987, Rainbow Music)

Sorry I haven't been able to give you much this week, but you'll probably find this humdinger a nice asset to the collection.  The Maryland Cookies were in fact not from The Old Line state, rather...Sweden. Specializing in wailin' garage rawk-cum-punk, the Cookies approximated later era Lime Spiders (think Cave Comes Alive) fronted by a mouthpiece (Mike Eriksson) with a thing for Stan Ridgway.  From the vigorous lead off number, "You Just Fade Away," to the slammin' cowpunk surge of "Too Much Hamburgers," the quartet manages to keep the bulk of Flesh, Trash & Heat at a rolling boil with bite and sneer for miles.  These gents were taut as all-get-out.  The garage standard, "I Can Only Give You Everything" is given a new coat of cookie batter to sublime effect I might add.  Per Discogs, it looks like three more MC albums followed. 

01. You Just Fade Away
02. Protection
03. back on the Ground
04. Too Much Hamburgers
05. I Can Only Give You Everything
06. Move on Baby
07. New Kind of Spirit

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Woody said...

Thank you for this fantastic album!!!!