Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It Figures - 12 (1987, Perspective)

Yes, this album jacket is irrefutably daft - the music enclosed, not so much (thankfully).  You're not getting The Joshua Tree here folks, but little did this Portsmouth, NH trio realize some thirty years ago that they were creating a record that was nearly a custom fit for these hallowed pages.  Pulling (albeit never plundering) from Minneapolis indie-punk not to mention a trove of their left-of-the-dial contemporaries, It Figures weren't innovators, but they need not be so long as they possessed the tunes.  With a few exceptions, 12 is conveniently divied up into a relatively rough-hewn, slightly rambunctious yin (side one), nicely balanced with a more introspective and occasionally melancholy yang via the flip.  12's first half is the more convincing of the two, though I'm hardly one to quibble with the remainder.  If you're so inclined, kindly proceed to this page to explore earlier It Figures compositions. 

01. Hookline
02. Crash and Burn
03. (It's a) Madhouse
04. Now They're the Slaves
05. Close to Home
06. Erika
07. Sorry Starts With 'S'
08. The Hypnotist
09. Pull the Wool
10. Visions
11. Superman
12. Mechanical Me



Aaron said...

Awesome, thanks for posting! I'd been unaware of this band though I did share the bill with a band that grew from this one, Heavens to Murgatroid, at the Stone Church in NH quite a few times.

Shemp Duchamp said...

Super discovery, thanks for posting!

Theabs06 said...

Hello, any chance of a new upload? Thanks much!