Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Pengwins - Vol. 3 - Shake Some Action 7" box (2015, SpyderPop) - A brief overview

We roll into module three of what's becoming an incredibly rewarding, annual tradition.  The concept is pretty ingenious which I laid out in my review of the last Pengwins package (literally) for 2014s "If You Want 2" single:

Say you were in a commendable but unheralded power pop band from about 30 years ago.  You had the privilege of recording about a dozen and a half songs that were fit for public consumption, but only a few trickled out onto an EP that is now out of print.  The obvious thing to do would be to cram these songs onto a CD for reissue, and/or go the iTunes route and be done with it.  Or you could get considerably more creative with the idea and release each song as a separate 7" single, with a new song from a reconvened incarnation of said group to accompany the "oldie."  Not finished yet?  Ok, let's say you wanted to prolong the fun, and house each separate single in it's own corrugated cardboard box, with a bonus CD of the songs, plus stickers, photos, commentary, trinkets and other reproductions of ephemera contemporary to the era.

The Lannie Flowers fronted Pengwins have done it again, and this time the new recording is none other than the Flamin' Groovies proto-power pop masterpiece "Shake Some Action."  I know, I know this song has been "busted out at full speed" like a piece of Play-Doh for decades in the hands of countless bands of the Pengwins ilk, but as far as this set of ears is concerned it never gets old.  It's a faithful rendition at that.  The b-side "What You Gonna Do?" is a quintessential slice of 1978 power pop, bearing all the rich, reverb-laden moxie of it's era.  The CD that comes packaged with the rest of the bundle tacks on another vintage cut, "Suicide."  Delving a little deeper into all the lovely components of this box (click the pic above) you will find in addition to the music souvenirs including but not limited to a guitar-shaped bottle opener, trading card, 45 adapter, and sleeve notes.  The record itself is thick, 180 gram wax and is tinted light grey/blue.  You can buy the whole anchelada from SpyderPop Records or CD Baby, or if you're just down with hearing the tunes iTunes and Amazon are your ticket.

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YankeeBoy said...

While I must admit that their tunes are quite good and if there were a full CD of their music for a reasonable price available I would be the first on line to buy one.

But it seems to me that they are more interested in milking as much money from whatever potential fans they might have out there than actually getting their music heard. C'mon, $15.46 for a 3-song CD? Give me a break! And a dollar for an mp3. What a ripoff!!

There are plenty of bands, just as good as these guys selling their music on Bandcamp for a fair price. I'd rather spend my money there.