Saturday, July 18, 2015

Poster Children - live at the Cabaret Metro 11/27/93

Why is a random Poster Children show taking up space here on this unsuspecting summer Saturday?  Just seemed like the thing to do I guess.  Full disclosure, this is presumably an audience tape, and Rick Valentin's vocals are a tad low in the mix.  Nonetheless it's a spirited and sweaty performance, drawing not only from their 1993 career best LP, Tool of the Man, but also previews a bevy of songs to be included on their next album, 1995's Junior Citizen ("Get a Life," "New Boyfriend") and even some tunes that would end up on an intervening ep ("Not Like You" and "Sick of it All").  I always thought the production of Junior Citizen was a little too gussied up, so it's nice to hear these numbers in a live, more spontaneous context.  There are plenty of classics too - "If You see Kay," "Dangerous Life," 'Tommyhaus," etc.  Good times, great oldies.   The P Kids have plenty of loot on Bandcamp to plunder (for a modest fee), and you can also check out their import-only Clock Street ep here.

01 pre-show check
02 Get A Life
03 Dynamite Chair
04 Tommyhaus
05 In My Way
06 Dangerous Life
07 New Boyfriend
08 Love
09 Cancer
10 Downwind
11 Sick Of It All
12 If You See Kay
13 Where We Live
14 Three Bullets
15 Water
16 Not Like You

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Todd said...

Oh my God. Poster Children truly rule.