Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Truly - Leslie's Coughing Up Blood ep (1993, Sub Pop)

Looking back on it, too much was made of Truly's grunge pedigree.  True, this Seattle threesome boasted alumni of Soundgarden (bassist Hiro Yamamoto) not to mention Screaming Trees (drummer Mark Pickerel), and yes, they meandered down a similar sonic path, but they wielded something of an indigenous stripe to speak of as well.  Chalk much of that up to Truly's comparative outsider of a frontman, Robert Roth, who steers this ménage à trois towards an array of scuzzy psych environs to droney ethereal vistas.  The stomping and strangely addictive title cut proved to be Truly's signature moment, also occupying a slot on their debut LP, Fast Stories From Kid Coma.  "Virtually" wallows in a demonstrably more downcast murk, mellower and far less anthemic than "Leslie..." The remainder of this four songer doesn't stray too far from the aesthetic I've illustrated thus far, and by record's end you sense that Truly are more in tandem with old school Dino J and lower rung Sub Pop roster mates Rein Sanction then their aforementioned precursors.

01. Leslie's Coughig Up Blood
02. Virtually
03. I Hit Ignition (single vers)
04. Queen of the Girls (demo)


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