Saturday, November 22, 2014

Phantom Tollbooth - demo (1985)

I can't profess to having much firsthand knowledge on Phantom Tollbooth, a noisome indie-rock export from Long Island (presumably) who made something of a name for themselves by way of a volley of releases on Homestead Records in the '80s.  Though probably not one-of-a-kind this cassette is nonetheless a scarcity.  Per a little research on Discogs, it appears the seven tracks contained within may have been demos or rehearsals for the band's first ep, issued in 1986.  In a nutshell, what's presented is a roughshod, albeit noble regurgitation of what SST Records was doling out in the first half of the Reagan-era, touching on everyone from the Minutemen to the first Meat Puppets album, not to mention copious servings of early Husker Du.  Oddly enough, the opening "Jack of All Phobias" predicts the ruckus Drive Like Jehu would unfurl about a decade later.  If art-damaged punk rife with frantic guitar squalls, invariably on the verge of careening off the rails is your cup of tea. you just might be a fan in waiting of Phantom Tollbooth. 

01. Jack of All Phobias
02. Ohm on the Range (version)
03. Saturday Afternoon
04. More Paranoia
05. More People
06. Good Luck
07. The Fuck


Brushback said...

Pretty much everything from the '90s nicked something from the '80s, only people didn't realize it so they thought it was original.

spavid said...

True that, true that. Just like people today who think Japandroids are original. Not to knock Japandroids mind you.

Shirley Tollbooth said...

This was a demo recorded in 1985.

spavid said...

Thanks Ms. Tollbooth!

evr said...

They played a great show in a lecture hall at UB in 88. Later, guitarist Dave Rick played with Bongwater and King Missle. They are all top notch gents to boot!

Shirley Tollbooth said...
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Shirley Tollbooth said...

UB is one of those special gigs cemented in memory (and Buffalo in general). All hail to the hospitality of the gentle folk who (once upon a time) resided at the Death Ranch.

evr said...

You're welcome Shirley! :)