Friday, November 21, 2014

Get Smart - Words Move 7" ep (1981, Syntax)

Words Move isn't the first item I've offered from Get Smart! (I posted their Action Reaction full length last July) though it's considerably less common.  I remarked then that this co-ed trio bore discernible post-punk traits, and that goes double for the four cuts presented here.  Still based in Lawrence, KS at the time of this recording (prior to their hop to Chicago) Get Smart!'s penchant was decidedly chilly and curt but still approachable.  Portions of the aforementioned Action Reaction album suggested that the band had been exposed to the likes of Pylon, but "Eat, Sleep, a Go-go," culled from side two of this wax all but apes those Athens, GA legends lock, stock and barrel.  Nothing to really gripe about I suppose.  Enjoy.

01. Disillusion
02. Where Did This Week Go?
03. Eat, Sleep, a Go-go
04. This is Style

Now available on Bandcamp.


Laura said...

Loved this album! Thanks for sharing!

jonder said...

A re-up request for this one, please. Whenever you have time, thanks!