Friday, September 5, 2014

Tim - German Engineering (1998, Vital Cog)

Thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to my missive on Rail a couple nights back.  Four Lexington, KY kids do the strum and clang thing pretty adeptly and LOUDLY.  This album isn't the product of "German engineering" so much as sheer Chapel Hill aesthetics, with a big nod to Archers of Loaf.  At their fiercest, they whip up a rancorous, feedbacky din a la Drive Like Jehu, but Tim tender a wry pop element when they get the notion to (think Treepeople, Superchunk, etc).  I'm just kind of babbling here, so I'll let you get to the music, and it's very good music at that.  I might have a Tim single or two to share in the future. 

01. Flashlight Charm
02. Drawl
03. Maps to the Stars' Homes
04. Hang Nail Failure
05. Mashburn
06. Knee-jerk
07. Presidential Ruler
08. -----
09. First in Space
10. Very Replaceable
11. Ignition
12. Better Get Used to it, Sunbeam
13. At the Half-Seam
14. Rural Electric
15. Honor Blackman is Pussy Galore


Mason said...

Oh man, what a good pull! You know my desperate need for things that I've never heard of that sound just like Archers/Superchunk/Silkworm. Thanks again and again for all the stuff you've turned me on to that I missed at the time.

Unknown said...


thepsychicpilot said...

Did this group have another release in the early 90's with a black-ish cover and some red lettering?

Charleston Gazer said...

Any chance of re-upping this?