Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lilys - A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns ep (1994, spinArt)

Just as a heads up, I probably won't have the opportunity to post anything more for the remainder of this week (ditto for re-upping some of the older links you've been requesting).  Sorry!

One of you lot recently asked if I had this one, and you're in luck.  A Brief History... was the follow-up to the Lilys dream-pop classic, In the Presence of Nothing.  It saw the band diminishing their woozy sonic penchant tremendously, and ushered in their "pop" phase, so to speak.  Very much in the same vein as what Yo La Tengo were doing right around the same time.  There are some excellent songs here (save for the throwaway closer, "Evel Knieval).  BTW, the vinyl version of A Brief History concludes with a different track.  Enjoy.

01. Ginger
02. ycjcyaofrj
03. Any Place I've Lived
04. Jenny, Andrew & Me
05. Dandy
06. Evel Knieval



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any chance you have the vinyl version or the bonus song from the vinyl?