Sunday, September 14, 2014

Citified - Absence ep (2009, Eskimo Kiss)

Am probably only going to be leaving this up for a few days, as it looks like Eskimo Kiss may still be selling copies.  The review I did for Big Takeover pretty much tells the tale, and you can read it after the jump.  It's a good 'un, so enjoy. 

Greensboro, NC’s Citified manage to negotiate a happy and graceful medium between lucid, indie guitar rock and decidedly murkier dream-pop on their latest EP, Absence.  The slight, graceful flourishes of tremolo inhabiting “Founded” and “My Family Cup” illustrate that Citified have a solid working knowledge of shoegazer constructs, and moreover, know how to apply them in moderation.  For those of you old enough to understand the analogy, Absence is more Souvlaki than Loveless. Translation: what modest feedback and extraneous noise Citified exude is soothingly manicured, not unlike The Daysleepers, For Against, and Springhouse.

01. Founded 
02. Pencil Me In
03. Landlocked
04. Dutiful Scout
05. My Family Cup