Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Edsel Auctioneer - Voice of the Harolds ep (1990, Decoy)

I suppose there isn't much more that I can impart here from what I had to say about the Edsel Auctioneer's 1992 Simmer LP which I made available about four years ago.  For a UK band, they weren't ones to plunder much from their own thriving side of the pond.  Instead the Edsels fixed their gaze westward, particularly to Massachusetts, where the Blake Babies, Buffalo Tom and Dinosaur Jr. apparently fulfilled their quota for copious inspiration.  The six sobering but deftly crafted numbers that comprise Voice of the Harolds are actually culled their first single and an earlier ep, Gutted.  If you care to do any further reading on the band, particularly vintage press clipping, may I direct you here.  

01. Unbroken Line
02. Necessary Disease
03. Strung
04. Our New Skin
05. Bed, Table, Chair
06. Stickleback

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