Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ultracherry Violet - I Fall to Pieces (1994, Bedazzled)

The D.C. based Bedazzled Records imprint was friendly to bands that veered towards the shoegazer or at the very least quasi-shoegazer end of the indie rock continuum.  Ultracherry Violet were the latter, dispensing noisy and ethereal particulates into I Fall to Pieces engaging sonic stew.   The trio bore a likeness to American practitioners Smashing Orange, Hum, and less so The Drop Nineteens and Fudge, but like any dream-pop unit worth it's salt they cast their collective "UV" rays across the big pond to such obvious entities as the Pale Saints and Slowdive.  Long-ish songs, with a decent emphasis on quality control.  I shan't give away much more than that, but This is That Song blog has a nice write up on Ultracherry that you can peruse here.  More UV to come (hopefully). 

01. Angela's an Angel Now
02. I Think You're Lying to Me
03. Remember
04. Post Wing-and-Prayer
05. Mexico Song
06. Losing My Friends
07. Anything is Feasible
08. I'm Gonna Burn
09. Recur Again


Toot Toot said...

Thanks for the upload, sounds great so far, but am I missing something? "Remember" and "Losing My Friends" are exactly the same song

spavid said...

Huh. I didn't notice that. Will have to investigate.

Major Video said...
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Robert Nagle said...

Another good one. Thanks.

Dan from DC said...

thanks for reviewing this wilfully obscure - i found this because you've reviewed my other band (dot dash). to clarify an earlier question: the studio made an error and put the same song on twice. it was pressed before we caught the gaffe. we recorded the album a year after we broke up - and released it because we loved the songs and wanted to get them down for posterity. but we weren't up to repressing it to fix the error. i've loved all the bands i've played in - but have a real soft spot for this one.

FUFan said...

Can you re-up this? Thanks!