Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dirty Face - I Can Hurt Myself (If I Want to) (1988, Overwellum)

If you can get past the funky album sleeve, you're in for one of the most straight-up rock and roll albums I've offered in awhile.  A little known Albany, NY trio, Dirty Face could have easily thrown down with such no-nonsense aggregations as the Neighborhoods, Magnolias, and perhaps Twin/Tone-era Soul Asylum.  Blue collar romantic concerns abound amidst these grooves, alongside a plea for respect for their chosen stomping ground ("My Town").  Dirty Face skate by with the stray minute-long instrumental or two, but I highly doubt you'll hold that against 'em.  After the jump, check out a video of them performing at an anniversary gig for a local college radio outlet last year.

01. I Can Hurt Myself
02. Too Young
03. Unfinished Too
04. Mistaken
05. My Town
06. Right By My Side
07. Worship the Beast
08. Backseat Driver
09. Hey Now
10. Everything to Me
11. Stella
12. On the Wall
13. Good to Be Back Home
14. Unfinished
15. All I Want to Say


Anonymous said...

Re up? Please?

PuddleSplasher said...

I could def use one too if you still have the files. I just randomly purchased this recently and it's a ripper!