Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spot - s/t (1995, Ardent)

No, this isn't the same Spot that smeared his hallowed fingerprints all over the SST gold rush (i.e. Husker Du, Black Flag, Minutemen, et al) in the '80s, rather the Spot in question was a Dallas trio.  Allied with Ardent Records, Spot never struck me as the most ardent Big Star aficionados, despite extolling props to Jody Stephens for "grooming tips" in the album credits.  Perhaps a shade too dissonant for the mainstream, grunge-era grunion of their time, but not quite shifty enough to get the indie contingent piqued, Spot were in a bit of a, (sorry, couldn't resist!).  Despite heaps of flavorful riffs and occasional moments of pop persuasion, Spot isn't the most instantly indelible debut the gen-x epoch produced, but as far as opening salvos go it was a noble and inviting effort.  As for myself, I'm partial to the song concerning the fellow that purchased a chunk of the Berlin Wall for $1.50.

01. Drop Down
02. Straight Thru The Sun's Head
03. L'America
04. One of Hazy Days
05. Moon June Spoon
06. Absalom
07. Ground
08. Fodder
09. Cut a Wide Swath
10. Hole


Todd said...

Love this album. Bought the only copy I've ever seen.

Bought the single, too, but "Moon June Spoon" [Edit] has an unfortunate skip.

Duluoz said...

Does this band have two singers? There's an angrier-sounding one singing lead on "L'America" and others, but I swear the other guy sounds *just* like Bono.

It's kind of grating, which sucks, because the music is great.

Douglas Rafael said...

Could you please reupload it?
Thank you very much in advance!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Unknown said...

This was one of my favorite albums of that era. Was always surprised that it didn't get more attention. A local station in NYC played "Moon, June, Spoon" a few times and i was hooked. Had to buy it.

Unknown said...

Yes. Two brothers. Reggie had a higher voice and Chad was the grainier lower voice.