Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Circling Sky - rough mixes (1990)

I have stacks of stuff to share folks, problem is very little of it is currently ripped.  But I do have this - a rather miscellaneous cassette by a combo billing themselves as the Circling Sky.  A total cold case, if you will, as no contact or personnel info is provided on the spartan j-card, which offers nothing more than a standard track list.  By the looks of things, this may have been devised as an in-house tape for some indie label or A&R company.  It does however mention these are "rough mixes," but considering there's nary an iota of evidence to indicate this was ever made available for public consumption, I would suspect these was about as "finished" as these six tracks ever got.

Circling Sky's whatchamacallit brand of quirky guitar pop was heavy on noodly arpeggios and a trifle jammy on occasion.   Tight as hell too, and with a bigger recording budget, juicy morsels like "Another Lifeless Day" and "The Dating Game" would have held their own amidst the fringes of the soon-to-be burgeoning alt-rock boom.  Not a game changer by any means, but strangely appealing.  

01. Another Lifeless Day
02. Middle-aged Man on the Circle of Fun
03. The Land of the Insane Bridge Builders
04. Miracle Babies
05. The Dating Game
06. Manhattan Traffic

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J. Sterling Ellison said...

Yep...I like this. Some unique sounds going on here and there, either by accident or design.