Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Fan Club - 15:20 ep (1982, Rude)

Once in awhile, gambling at the Casino Ebay really pays off (accurately judging an album by it's jacket factors in heavily folks).  So it was a relatively safe assumption that The Fan Club had "power pop" written all over them, it was just a matter of what stripe.  If you're at all familiar with the quasi-bootleg Teenline and Powerpearls compilation series, these New York co-eds will likely be of some interest.  A few notches shy of punk, yet wielding plenty of spunk, the Fan Club evoke the likenesses of the Pointed Sticks, the Speedies, and the (Connecticut) Bats in terms of approach, and sheer melodicism, which is never in short supply here.  "Just Another Kiss," "My Baby Loves It" and "I Won't Take It" are all pretty outstanding.  As for the album title, it would seem 15:20 references the length of this all too brief ep. 

01. Going Mental
02. Heartache
03. Just Another Kiss
04. My Baby Loves It
05. Future Problems
06. I Won't Take It


Jeff said...

Aaargh! Netkups is down!

spavid said...

Keep checking back every few hours. Sorry about that1

Woody said...


Bruce K. said...

The "Teenline" series got me going nutty for awhile. If they had kept it going, I'd probably be in really deep. Highly recommended. "Powerpearls" a blast too.

Looking forward to checking this out once netkups is back working,


Woody said...

The link rules ok. Thank you very much.

Jim H. said...

great're right VERY Speedies-esque....who-da thought ANYONE would think that! thanks

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