Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fluf - Songs 6 ep (2000, Cold Steel Facts)

For me, fluf more or less peaked by the time their first proper full length (Home Improvements aka Whitey on the Moon) hit in 1994.  With that in mind, Otis and his revolving cast of companions were still a pop-punk powerhouse, and dutifully carried on until the early '00s.  The Songs 6 ep was their last genuinely good record, but even this was half as satisfactory as their 1992 six-songer, Wasting Seed (later compiled on the Mangravy disk), which introduced fluf to me and my hipster pals.  Songs 6 is a bit of a misnomer, considering that it actually contained seven compositions (actually over twenty if you count that the entire Waikiki album was included as hidden bonus tracks),  Anyway, I'm offering just the ep songs here.  I'd be remiss if I failed to point out that most of fluf's back catalog can be purchased at Bandcamp

01. I Know I'm Nobody
02. Shit Talker
03. Stand in Your Line
04. 5 Years
05. Hey/U-Haul
06. Thick as a Brick
07. Girlfriend in a Coma


Mark H said...

Thanks for posting this. Home Improvement is great but I also really liked the two that followed. The Classic Years is great as well.

Casey P. said...

One of my favorite local bands of all time! Somehow I missed this when it come out, though, so thanks for posting... They still play in San Diego once a year or so, most recently as part of the Casbah's 25th anniversary, just last week. First show in ages with original drummer Miles Gillett, who flew in from New Zealand!

In case you haven't seen or heard, Otis currently plays bass in Octagrape (along with Glen Galloway from Trumans Water/Soul Junk). They've been on tour with Sebadoh for much of the last year. Definitely worth seeing live. Also, fluf bassist Josh Higgins served as the Design Director for the Obama 2012 campaign! I'm *still* in awe by that. As if I didn't respect this band enough.

R. said...

Can you please re-upload the FLUF records?? please? let me know guilupus gmail com