Friday, January 17, 2014

The Killing Field - Courage tape (1988)

Upon receiving this 26-year ol' relic just a few months ago, I assumed finding any pertinent info on this Portland, OR quartet would be a lost cause.  Not quite, thankfully.  At the very least, it would seem that The Killing Field made waves in their hometown, circa the late '80s when this demo made it's way into the slipstream.  Atlantic Records flirted with the band, but ultimately reneged on releasing anything by them.

Garnering comparisons to U2 and Tears For Fears, The Killing Field bore a similar sonic penchant that was actually more relative to The Alarm and mid-80s Simple Minds, paired with a lukewarm socially conscious slant, much in line with the aforementioned.  Thing is though, the songs were pretty damn good, not to mention deftly performed.  A independent full length album followed several years later, which you can investigate at Amazon and iTunes

01. Down With You
02. Strength
03. Ian's Song
04. Postcard from Holland


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write-up, Spavid! If you need any addition TKF or Big Time Pop information, shoot be a line @

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Ryan said...

please re-up?

Brock and Adele said...

Anyone know where I can find Big Time Pop on tape/CD/etc?

Renew & Improved said...

Been looking for this album or anything from them for years! Thank you.