Monday, January 20, 2014

Check it out, I'm like a buzz bomb.

Here's a bit of a 180 for ya'll, not just in terms of Mystery Monday fare, but in general.  This music comes from a quartet who have been operating in their original incarnation for over two decades.  Something of an institution now in certain circles, but I find their earlier missives to be a lot more fun than their latest and supposedly greatest.  Drill sergeant vocals, pulverizing lockstep riffs (some of the meanest you'll ever hear), and a metronome-tight rhythm section comprise the key ingredients.

This 1993 full length is admittedly inconsistent, with righteously brilliant highs, and regrettably, some downright embarrassing plunges.  To compensate, I've included their concussive, and frankly crucial, debut ep from 1991 as well.  To those brave souls who opt to indulge, let us all blossom as hubcaps...

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96ataxic said...

In my top 3 favorite bands of all time. Number one live. Drummer is AMAZING.