Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun w/ Atoms - Main Street (1985, Boat)

Proving Green Bay, WI has more to offer than the Packers and ubiquitous "Cheeseheads," Fun w/ Atoms were/are a potent power trio that slotted in perfectly with '80s contemps the Red Rockers, and Boat Records stablemates Fire Town.  The Atoms' ringing guitar rock was occasionally punctuated with faint spaghetti western inclinations, but despite their album cover poise they were not rockabilly in the least.  And like any Wisconsin act from this era worth their salt, this threesome had ties to Butch Vig, who was responsible for recording and mixing this project.  Primo standouts residing on Main Street include, but are hardly limited to, "Titletown" and "Last Cigarette."  Highly recommended.

In deference to the band, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that a) they're still active and have a 2010 LP to show for it called Smart, and b) Main Street has been reissued digitally via CD Baby.  So why am I throwing this on the blog?  Well, I ripped this from a crackly piece of vinyl, and given it's fresh availability I'm only going to be keeping the link live for a few days.  If you enjoy what you hear, please consider upgrading by visiting the CD Baby link, and of course, you'll be supporting the band.

01. Warning
02. Alaska
03. I'll Be There
04. National Geographic Girl
05. Last Cigarette
06. Titletown
07. Ice and Snow
08. Summer
09. Killing You
10. Another Bend

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