Friday, June 19, 2020

Nyack - I'm Your Star ep (1995, Echo)

Before the weekend is over, I'm going to try to get something resembling a full length up, but here's a loooong belated followup to Nyack's 11 Track Player I shared over a decade ago!  Almost forgot I had this accompanying ep, featuring "I'm Your Star," one of the highlights from the LP, and three otherwise unavailable b-sides.  And b-sides appropriately enough they are given they're the chilled out in yin to 11 Track's distortion soaked power pop yang.  While nothing here is particularly revelatory, the reaction to Nyack's aforementioned album (and two EPs from the group's earlier guise, Aenone) were so well received I didn't want to deprive you any longer.

01. It's Your Star
02. Mean Streak (demo)
03. Love is a Stranger
04. Dreamland


Nathan said...

I really love this site, especially the posts about bands and albums that I remember, but I can't get the downloads to work. I just seem to get pop-up ads when I click the download button. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

spavid said...

Hi Nathan. I posted this a little while ago for people having difficulty downloading from Zippyshare:

For those of you are having trouble with Zippyshare links, whether you're using Firefox or another browser try the following:

If you're attempting to download the files on a computer, when you're on the initial Zippyshare page the link takes you to, on the right side of the page toward the top you should see a large orange button that says "Download Now." LEFT click the button and choose "save link as." Your download will commence from there. Right clicking the button will download some unaffiliated software, so obviously avoid that.

DLBKCMO said...

I loved Aenone, so I'm sure I will enjoy these! Thanks!