Sunday, June 7, 2020

Caveman Shoestore 7" (1992, Tim Kerr)

If you go by Wiki's analysis Portland's coed Caveman Shoestore were "avant prog" specimens.  Perhaps their full lengths (of which I have yet to hear) validated such an observation, but for better or worse all I have to go by is this 45.  Judging by what I've heard I definitely reside in the better camp, 'cos this trio, commandeered by Elaine diFalco conjure up some dazzling sonic alchemy wherein busy arrangements are pocked with dexterous, post-punk smarts, not to mention the aforementioned singer's hypnotic prowess on the mic.  I'm picking up trace elements of Siouxsie, Tsunami, and their lesser-known neighbors from Boise, The Dirt Fisherman. I desperately need to get my hands/ears on more Cavemen Shoestore in the very near future, belated as this discovery was.

A. An Angel Flew By
B. Still

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