Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Choice - "Candy" 7" (1983)

Hailing from the college towns of Ithaca and Oswego in New York's central/southern tier The Choice were responsible for this dandy, privately pressed single.  "Candy" is an irresistible not to mention near-perfect fusion of power pop and ska.  "Strange" sticks to a more linear tact, and wouldn't sound at all misplaced on a Teen Line or Powerpearls compilation.  In 1984 this foursome won the BBC Great American Rock n' Roll Talent Search, but after that I'm not sure if the world heard much more from the Choice, as this 45 appears to be the extent of their discography.  The band's archival page, linked above, contains additional audio and video delights that can be explored at your leisure.

A. Candy
B. Strange

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